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Oportunitati la Cameron Romania, o companie Schlumberger. Urgent (termen limita 22 octombrie):
* HR Representative, contract pe durata determinata de 1 an de zile, cu posibilitatea de a fi prelungit, pentru fabrica Cameron Romania din Campina. Se asigura transport intre Ploiesti si Campina.
* Intern pentru echipa de HR pentru baza Schlumberger din West Park Ploiesti (cel de la Aricesti). Se asigura transport din Ploiesti in baza Schlumberger.


Welcome on the web site of the Economical Sciences Faculty from the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti.

This site is permanently "under construction" and new content is added every day. If something it's not here but it should be, come back in a few days and you will find it.